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Why I Think Renderforest is good among all others...

Why I Think Renderforest is good among all others...

Renderforest Video is used across our organization in different functional departments. The public relations and marketing departments use it to create great, awe inspiring presentations and explainer videos for clients, as well as our own employees. The research and development department uses it to showcase progress on projects across our domain to the rest of the company.

Renderforest Video takes the effort out of creating amazing, engaging video content and puts it in the hands of normal people like myself. We are able to put together emergency presentations and content heavy videos within half the time that was previously needed.

Pros and Cons

Very easy and self-explanatory GUI

Massive variety of templates and toolkits

Competitive pricing and storage options

Availability of commercial music to use

"Pay per Product" pricing is extremely high for a single video, effectively encouraging subscription only, which isn't a great way to promote growth.

A better way to visualize the final product on different devices and sizes could be devised

Likelihood to Recommend

Well Suited

Conveying company growth and progress to employees

Explaining how products work

Explaining how to use products (as a users manual)

Introducing employees to new workflows and IT systems

Pitching ideas to investors

Creating visual portfolio maps and growth paths for departments

Visit to make amazing video and many more...

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